Medical Skin Care Products

In reading a professional skincare magazine tonight, I had to stop counting the number of skincare lines that refer to their products as “medical.”  Medical grade.  Hmmm.  There isn’t much standing behind that claim but we hear it all the time.

Why is it becoming an accepted term when there is no meaning or definition behind it? Consumers, estheticians, and physicians alike are all looking for results and a defining point of difference for sales.  We ask ourselves why should I use this cream over that? What will make a client want to buy the product I’m selling?

Most people will trust the advice of a doctor.  The popularity of shows like The Doctors and Dr. Oz are proof of our desire to trust doctors for solutions to our health issues.  The whole industry is counting on this belief system as a point of sale when they use the term “medical.”  Let me just say that this is an emotional ploy.  Unfounded but effective.

So here’s the down low.  Be educated.  Ask an esthetician.  This is our whole life and love.  Don’t buy blindly based on fluffy terms like this.   The closest you can get to understanding quality and efficacy via terminology is “pharmaceutical grade” ingredients.  Really, the physician’s true point of difference is in the prescriptions they offer.

So in the future, don’t be fooled.  There are many very potent skincare products sold on a better basis than “medical.”  Go for pharmaceutical grade ingredients.  And by all means, go for professional skincare products over drug store products.  You absolutely get what you pay for.


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