New Release by Eminence

New Release by Eminence

Welcome to the new release by Eminence.  They finally did it!

Not only do we have an organic tinted moisturizer but also a bronzer and highlighter.  I’ve been working with all pieces of the collection using each item individually as well as mixing and blending.  The tinted moistuizer is light and silky.  It can be adjusted for color by mixing it with a moisturizer.  And for those of you who know me,  SPF 25 rain or shine!

The bronzer and highlighter are very finely milled which means that you use less for a beautiful finish…and the lip plumper!

The lip plumper is  my biased favorite.  The paprika mask has long been a tool available during facials to plump those lips.  Now, combined with cinnamon, that paprika plumping is available to all of us on the go in a lip gloss.  It’s clear gloss but brings rosy color and body to the lips within the first minute.  Best of all, it tastes like cinnamon, my favorite.  If you want color on top of your own, you can blend the plumper with the highlighter or bronzer.

These products give a glowing, sun-kissed finish to any face.   Come in for a try and see for yourself!



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